Proactivity amongst staff and customers: Innovative tech

As 2020 draws to a close, Australia is on track to controlling the pandemic, successfully steering the country towards a new united normal. However, the definition of this new normal is still being road mapped, making business operations challenging amidst the fast-changing conditions and restrictions. As business owners, we must plan strategic control and protection practices and policies in order to effectively move forward and prepare for the future.

Recent government updates include the implementation of a COVID Safe Plan across businesses, enforced as mandatory by Work Safe. Work Safe states “any company that employs staff needs to be 100% on top of this legislative requirement and must be compliant”. Instating regular checks, breach of this enforcement could see major fines.  As such, it is important that organisations improve, update and introduce relevant policies and procedures that demonstrate a recognition of the new guidelines as staff return to the workplace and government officials, especially with the rising push back from employees on requests to return full time.

Research across our extensive network of professional organisations shows employees want to continue working home for reasons including:

  1. Less travel and more productivity
  2. Uncertainty on workplace processes and procedures to effectively manage the new norm
  3. Desire for ongoing flexibility around work-life balance

Stakeholders are seeking reassurance and confidence in businesses to follow best practice.  As the government continues to promote the use of thermal scanners as precautionary measures, Bloomfield Technology, an Australian organisation invested technologies to help the companies of today to plan for the future, is providing approachable and innovative solutions for businesses nationally. Using discrete AI technology, devices can be programmed to read single or group temperatures, implement facial recognition, check in staff members and aid in contract tracing. This technology has been proven globally, and is shown to be an appropriate and reputable measure.

Developing case studies across a range of business sectors, including tourism, commercial, corporate, hospitality and retail, Bloomfield Technology understands the confidence and trust elevated through the presence of its units in workplaces, providing a professional and discrete management tool to help businesses return to their daily activities.


FACT: Thermal scanners ARE effective in detecting people infected with COVID-19

At Bloomfield Technology, Our Mission is to source innovative technologies for today’s needs. Our Vision is to secure people’s safety so they can live life. Our Purpose is to provide innovative technologies for everyone’s wellbeing. 

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