The Ultimate Aged Care Platform

Easy to use 30-second Wellness Check

Eve’s Wellness Suite uses AI software to harness the power of a wearable device using only a smartphone camera. The entire process takes just a 30 second selfie video.

86% of Aged Care residents have at least one behavioural or mental health condition diagnosis. Eve can help staff monitor those residents for the best total support, or allows the 4 out of 5
Aged Care consumers who live independently to take Wellness Checks themselves and send results to their provider immediately for daily alerts.

Calculate up to 12 accurate wellness measures instantly and daily Using only a smartphone or tablet camera

Combine admin processes like visitor management, rostering and sign-in

Ensure the safety of every resident, staff and visitor with Eve’s Office Tablet with thermal checking, staff and visitor management.

Create customised visitor types, flows, QR codes or facial recognition and send everything to the same place.


What eve sees comes from a team of health and well-being professionals

Eve uses AI-driven PPG optical imaging to detect the users blood flow and is able to extract information that until now was only available in a wearable device. Light and its respective wavelengths are reflected at different layers below the skin and can be used to reveal blood flow information in the human face.

Our reports are created to educate employees, management and facilitate a healthy workplace environment. We have a team of health professionals and experts who help form our Tips and Education feature. It’s filled with great advice, mindfulness techniques and ‘one-percenters’. We also constantly update it with the latest medical research.

In app wellness history to track progress and enhance health


We’ve designed a sleek, user friendly Dashboard so that you can toggle between various results, trends and averages. You can also access staff sign-ins and an interactive visitor management log where you can import or export information.

View all user Wellness data and analytics across five different privacy modes to maximise your mental health initiatives and get the most out of your EAP.


Eve can be customised and integrated to send wellness check, visitor management or staff work data to a variety of existing management software like Xero, Deputy, Tele-Health, CRMs or your own internal organisation apps.

Talk to us about if we can customise an integration for something you use.

Bloomfield Technologies Products are not medical devices and are not a substitute for clinical advice.

Our products are intended to improve your awareness of general wellness. Bloomfield Technologies does not diagnose, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease, symptom, disorder or abnormal physical state. Consult with a health care professional or emergency services If you believe you may have a medical issue.

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