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Keeping small teams happy and healthy is a challenge for any business.


Scalable application across any industry. Focus on specific teams or apply it to your whole organisation.

Case Studies

Our varying product line has helped many organisations look after their staff and visitors.


We pride ourselves on conducting thorough research to help with our ability to support workplaces.


Often SMEs face underdog struggles that can increase stress and fatigue, leading to lower productivity and higher staff turnover.
The Eve can help small teams form a closer bond by empowering employees to better their health and wellbeing, while showing them that work is a place where they can do that. Managers can track trends and know when they should do something a little special for the team.


Steering a large organisation through the modern business terrain demands evolving innovation and technological support tools. The Eve harnesses the power of AI to allow department heads to be aware and linked to their teams’ wellbeing, while keeping individual team members anonymous. Staff are able to access immediate health results, advice and support at work without the added stress of scheduling meetings and waiting for programs to start. If they choose to speak with their superiors about their stress (and we always recommend they do), they can go through their health history together and come up with a proactive plan.

Case Studies

Bloomfield Tech Thermal Solution Helps Get Kids Back To School

The Customer

The Customer is a Melbourne based private grammar school with 3 campuses and over 2,600 students.

The Need

The health and wellbeing of students is absolutely essential in our society. The pandemic has posed a significant challenge to keeping both staff and students safe. As such, many schools opt to take the temperature of students before they enter the premises. This allows parents, kids and staff to all have the peace of mind that no one with a high fever will enter the schools.

The Challenges

Most students arrive to school at the same time, causing high foot traffic in tight areas. Using a temperature gun was not possible for this Customer, as they have around 2,000 students entering at the same time, across only two locations. A further issue was that the temperature scanning process had to be done outside so that they had the chance to bar a sick student from entering right away.

The Solution

The team at Bloomfield Tech conducted a week-long free trial of our thermal technologies, trouble-shooting issues as they came up. By strategic fencing and shading, doubling with cutting edge thermal AI, we were able to set up thermal cameras in outdoor locations. The Customer reported being highly satisfied and is now able to take the temperatures of 1,000 students in 30-45 minutes at each entrance. We also set up an alert mechanism, so that security was instantly sent an alert email from a high temperature.


We pride ourselves on conducting thorough research to help with our ability to support workplaces. The Eve’s Tips and Education feature is linked to staff wellbeing results and is built on a wealth of knowledge.


Among other sources, our team uses a large array of peer-reviewed research under a create-commons license.
We keep this section of our site updated and dedicated to referencing our research.

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