A visitor and staff thermal management device.

Access Control to Provide Extra Care

The 8T Teplo Thermal Management Unit by Bloomfield Technology is an ideal solution to protect your company through facial recognition technology and thermal detection upon entry to your business. With the capability to create profiles for employees and those in regular attendance, this Unit also provides the ability to manage staf attendance while capturing data for all visitors to your business.

Powered by AI Facial Recognition, the Teplo can store 5,000 individual staff accounts, using staff’s faces as they come to work as a sign in. The back end creates logs of every interaction together with names (if an account has been made), temperature, mask detection and snapshots. Software can be customised to ask visitors to wear a mask, detect if they are a visitor or a staff member and signal different alarms and temperature readings. All data can be exported to an excel spreadsheet.

  • Facial recognition technology integrates with the software to distinguish between programmed profiles and visitors
  • User friendly attendance dataexport capabilities to Microsoft Excel
  • A light weight “stand alone” system that can be positioned anywhere indoors with a power connection
  • Connect direct to your network system or your computer via a data cable
  • Suitable for small businessoperations, cafes, restaurants, office buildings, apartment buildings etc.
  • This product is not a medical device.

Bloomfield Technologies Products are not medical devices and are not a substitute for clinical advice.

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