Roadmapping Businesses to recovery and adapting to a new norm

The 2020 pandemic has taken its toll on us all, and as we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to get business back on track. But, the question we now face is, what is the new normal?

Bloomfield Technology is an Australian-based company, created with a mission to develop safer, more sustainable lifestyles through the introduction of innovative and evolving technology. On hand to help businesses align their practices to the varying state guidelines across the nation, we are focused not only on the implementation of COVID-safe strategies, but the future-proofing of activities in a modern, prepared landscape, with the consideration of both employees and customers-alike.

Sick leave is taken more seriously, with a simple cough or sneeze met with concern. As an employer, we need to consider the ways in which we must update processes, creating reassurance and a sense of accountability across both staff and customers alike. Employers have an elevated duty of care to protect staff, not only from Covid-19, but from illness as a whole.

The Bloomfield Technology body check intelligence was developed to make this duty of care simple and easy to adopt, putting the assurance of controlled working environments at the forefront of priorities. Our HR experts have collated a list of consideration for businesses around AI technology as an aid in returning staff to the workplace and opening doors to the public once again:


AI thermal detection units are designed to check the temperature of anyone who walks into your workplace, without interfering with privacy I.e. Staff, Customers, Contractors, Delivery Drivers etc.

Should anyone measured at the shop front have a raised temperature, the technology will alert staff discretely, allowing them to act promptly before the stakeholder enters the vicinity, and proceed with further assurance measures

In the event that someone has registered a raised temperate, the business may refuse entry and encourage this person to go straight to the doctors or a Covid temperature testing site

Some AI technology incorporates facial recognition units, which have the intelligence to register time and attendance of anyone previously registered in the system, such as employees or visitors. This enables businesses to contact trace, if required, and maintain a record of registered entrants


Systems like the Bloomfield Technology body check units help to protect the safety of consumers and employees, are encouraged by governments and an expectation of work safety measure

Organisations can keep trading, focusing on what they do best without taking extra manual measures to boost workplace health and safety, such as a manual temperature reading at the entry

Employees will be more supported in returning to work knowing their company has increased due diligence measures and OH&S around workplace safety, valuing their health and implementing strategic plans to protect employees

Reduced stress and anxiety amongst staff in the workplace in knowing TGA-approved technological advances are in place

Clients who have adopted the Bloomfield Technology systems include Chef’s Hat Australia, Jackalope Hotel, BMW and Caroline Chisholm Catholic College.

These systems have been well received by staff, customers, stakeholders and students, showcasing that as a business, they are focused is on stakeholder wellbeing.

The Bloomfield Technology systems are completely customisable, offering branded wraps for advertising and aesthetic purposes. Conscious of the long-term place such technology will have in forward-thinking, prepared and future-proof businesses, the systems have been made available for both lease and purchase, with a number of payment terms available to suit every budget. Furthermore, products are available with full warranty and local back up support to ensure your organisation is educated, informed and optimising the technology to its full potential.

The Bloomfield Technology mission is to source innovative technologies for today’s needs, complementing its vision to create safe, sustainable lifestyles through the purpose of providing innovative technologies targeted at the wellbeing of all.

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